Scrapbook & Card Workshop Video


After much consideration and planning,  I jumped in with both feet and have started Facebook Live Video Workshop.  Currently I am doing them once a week on Friday Mornings and I hope I’m making improvements each week.   This video has both the scrapbook & Card workshop cuts at the beginning of the video,  then assembly is after.   If you just want cards,  skip to about minute 30 and that’s where I start the card set cuts walk through.  Here are the links to the Cutting Guides:

Blossom Scrapbook Layout

Hopscotch Card Set

Here is some of the artwork created with this video.

In the above cards,  I tried both the slate & the pacifica inks for the car/watch,  and I prefer the pacifica blue.  Which do you like?

I also made some cards with scraps from the layout.  I will post those soon!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    These videos and workshops have really been inspirational. As for card colors, I like the Pacifica, but can see where the more subtle slate could be good in other applications. How’s that for being nonspecific?

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