Revisiting old favorites

Do you have those paper packs that you just loved but can’t get anymore?   Me too.  I have LOTS of partial packs left over from scrapbook workshops and other projects.  I’ve decided to love it or leave it.  Meaning I am going to use up the partial packets or give them new homes.  This will free up some space for other papers that I can use!

In the quest to use old papers,  I have more card photos to share.     These were from an old paper pack called Miracle and I used Kathryn’s 6×6 patterns again.    (Found them here×6-cutting-formula.html)

Pattern #1 Card #1miracle06 miracle03 miracle10 miracle07Pattern #1 Card #2miracle01Pattern #1  Card #3miracle08 miracle09 miracle11If you didn’t  notice I split the triangles up and made more cards from the same pattern.   I had some extra scraps left,  so I was able to incorporate those papers with the open space.

Pattern #1 Card #4miracle04 miracle05Once again the stamp set is one my Mom got me several years ago.

Happy Crafting!



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2 Responses to Revisiting old favorites

  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    In the category of “use it or lose it”, there are several bits and pieces of old paper packs sitting around my studio. While purging recently, I debated mightily on what to do with them as I really liked the colors and patterns. It will make me happy to use them up in a worthwhile and artistic manner via the 6 X 6 patterns you have found. Here’s to happy card making while freeing up space and getting self satisfaction from a lovely product.

  2. Cindy says:

    These cards are BEAUTIFUL!

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