Bear with me please

Well, after spending 6+ hours trying to update this website, I gave up and scrubbed my frustration away in the bathroom.  So, I have a sparkly clean bathroom, but only a few changes (that I made late last night) to the site.  Sorry.  I think it’s a combination of slow connection, under supply of band width (for the entire U.P of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin), and it being a weekend.  I have all the photos uploaded and ready to go, but the site keeps timing out and I’m losing all my changes.  sigh.  🙂

In the mean time, I will set up my camera and take photos of our club night project and be ready to have a post showing those cards for you.

Now that we are into February, I really hope I can find some crafting time.  (After I find my craft table!)  While I was waiting for the website to crash, I did put together our calendar of workshops & events.  I’ll post them here so they are in one place, but you can always see what’s coming up on the calendar on the bottom of the home page, or the lower right edge of this page.

6th – Sparkle &  Shine Scrapbook Workshop (Bring any paper pack you would like.)
13th – Arbonne Spa Party and Jan’s Birthday!
20th – Club Night (Jan is our hostess and we are making cards for the Church)
27th – Lollydoodle Scrapbook Workshop

6th – Ivy Lane Scrapbook Workshop
13th – Pack for Craft Retreat!
14th-16th – Craft Retreat in Cedarville
20th – Club Night (Pat is our hostess)
27th – Lollydoodle Scrapbook Workshop

3rd – Arianna Scrapbook Workshop
10th – Jubilee Scrapbook Workshop
17th – Maundy Thursday – Holy Week
24th – Club Night (Notice date change)

1st – tentative card workshop TBA
8th – Balloon Ride Scrapbook Workshop
15th – Club Night
22nd – Skylark Scrapbook Workshop

12th: Club Night – Anniversary Party!
Notice date change

3rd: Club Night
Notice date change

Yes, we are really packing in the workshops early as summer is busy, but just think about all those crafty Thursday!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    2 Lollydoodle workshops? Is one for cards or just giving 2 opportunities?
    Regardless, these are all now entered on my calendar. Thanks!

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