Workshop On the Go

Scrapbook & Card Workshop Video


After much consideration and planning,  I jumped in with both feet and have started Facebook Live Video Workshop.  Currently I am doing them once a week on Friday Mornings and I hope I’m making improvements each week.   This video has both the scrapbook & Card workshop cuts at the beginning of the video,  then assembly is after.   If you just want cards,  skip to about minute 30 and that’s where I start the card set cuts walk through.  Here are the links to the Cutting Guides:

Blossom Scrapbook Layout

Hopscotch Card Set

Here is some of the artwork created with this video.

In the above cards,  I tried both the slate & the pacifica inks for the car/watch,  and I prefer the pacifica blue.  Which do you like?

I also made some cards with scraps from the layout.  I will post those soon!

Happy Crafting!

Jeepers Creepers – Workshop Part 2 – Cards

So,  with one paper pack and a few extra colored cardstock piece and bases,  I was able to create six 2page layouts and 47 cards!   This was every bit of paper that was left from the workshop your way kit when I was done.  (phew)


Nine of the cards were cut from the workshop instructions,

jc8 jc9 jc10

Some of the cards were cut from the Kathern’s 6×6 pattern and another one I found (Previous posts)

jc4 jc11 jc3

Others were just what struck my fancy at the time I was creating!

jc7 jc6 jc5 jc2 jc1

Happy Crafting.

Jeepers Creepers – Workshop Part 1

Yes,  I am finally posting my sample layouts for the Jeepers Creepers paper pack.   The first three are from the Workshop your way directions,  and the last three were created from sketches.   By just adding a few colored cardstock and some base pages,  I got 6 layouts and 47 (yes,  47) cards.  I will have the cards in the next post.

LO #1

jc25 jc26

LO #2

jc23 jc24 lo_flapsHad so many photos,  but the quality was poor (I think I had turned off the auto focus ).

LO #3

jc21 jc22

Bonus #1


Bonus #2

jc15jc16The silver flowers were cut on the cricut from the grain bin painted paper!

Bonus #3

jc13 jc14

If you haven’t noticed,  I challenge myself to use themed paper in ways vastly different from the intended theme.   I would love to see what you did with them!

Happy Crafting!


It’s Here, the new Holiday Inspirations Book!

Get your own copy of the new Holiday Expressions book delivered to your door when you place any order on my website.


I am loving all the new paper.  I typically do,  but there are some papers that take longer for me to find my mojo than others.  This book also had a couple of those,  but I am now hooked.  Looking forward to getting back in to the school routine and perhaps some crafting time for me!  I have so many ideas of projects that I want to create with these great papers.

Close to my Heart has started highlighting a paper pack of the month,  it is available after that time,  but the bulk of their marketing will be about this paper.  In September Jeepers Creepers is their choice.   Here are some of the artwork their artists created.

16-he-jeepers-creepers-birthday-card 16-he-jeepers-creepers-pocket-pages 16-he-jeepers-creepers-be-scary-card 16-he-jeepers-creepers-wyw-card-set  16-he-jeepers-creepers-monstrous-card-set 16-he-jeepers-creepers-happy-halloween-card 16-he-party-time-wyw-cardmaking-kit I’ve selected all the cards to start with,  I will do another post with the scrapbook pages!   Some of these cards are from the Jeepers Creepers workshops your Way.  I am truly loving the new workshops your way that CTMH has put together.  Everything I need in one kit,  little waste,  and both layouts & cards.  SIX layouts come together quickly!

Happy Crafting!

White Pines Card Kit

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been truly going to town creating cards the last few months.  I’ve done a few scrapbook layouts,  but have spent much more time on cards than anything else.  (Trying to use up stash, fill Christmas gifts, and clean out old club night projects that have been taking up valuable real-estate in my studio.

In preparation for an upcoming class,  I put together the White Pines Card Kit.   Since I was going to be cutting paper,  and I can easily cut 2 sheets in the same time it takes me to cut one,  I found some paper I liked and cut two sets.  Really pleased with it.

DSC_0010a DSC_0009 DSC_0006

These first three cards are done as the direction instructed.  Great cards,  lots of variety in messages on the stamp set too.

Now,  Here are some samples I did using Sangria paper, gold glitter paper and the New Operation Smile Stamp Set, Animal Greetings  (on the back of the Annual Inspirations book.)

DSC_0027 DSC_0030 DSC_0029 DSC_0028 DSC_0031a

I also used September’s Stamp of the Month Paper garden,  and really like those too.

DSC_0032As you can see I did a little “rock and roll” technique.

For the last card from the extra papers I cut,  I used the stamp set from White Pines.     I don’t think I included earlier in this post that I added fundamental cards stock as one of my papers (Eggplant).

DSC_00260 DSC_0033

As you can see the instructions from these Workshops on the Go Kits can be used over and over again.   I think I’ve cut the blossom card kit four or five times now.   🙂

Happy Crafting!