Next quilling project

I decided to take control of my eating.  To help with that, I have been focusing on crafting.  So far this is working well for my eating, my office/studio is a mess however.

Today I would like to share my “owl” quilling project.  I didn’t know when I started it was going to become my owl project,  but it did,  and I’m happy with it.  I think I’m going to enter it in to the fair for judging.  😉

I am not sure why I didn’t think of this earlier,  but I got out my spray pens with re-inker & alcohol and started to spray a canvas.   LOVING the results.

When I started quilling,  I would create just to try new techniques,  so I have several containers with flowers, leaves, this and that.    I dumped them on my desk and found some that worked with the colors on the pallet. Once I created the “C,” it needed something so I posted this on  facebook to ask for ideas.   The feedback was great,  but I just couldn’t figure out how to create fireflies with quilling.  So,  instead I decided to do an owl.  (Besides,  I loved doing all the beehive quilling I did on the tree for the Winnie the pooh project. and knew it would fit for the feathers.) Once again,  the quilling didn’t go the way I thought it would,  but took me in a different direction.  Sometimes you have to let the project lead.

Owl done, but still needed something.  Did some google searching for key words like wisdom, knowledge,  life. . .  and in the process was inspired and decided to go with Knowledge Speaks . . . Wisdom Listens.

Happy Crafting!