September is almost over

Kids are back in school and summer has finally arrived in the upper peninsula.   As at all times there is work to be done on a farm,  but this year find us with several fields that need all the hay that we were unable to harvest to be cut.  What does that mean,  less time at my craft table,  and many hours in the tractor dreaming of the designs I could be making.  sigh.

Enough of the pity party, today I leave for 4 days at a private cottage where I only have to cook one meal and provide some snacks for us.  The snacks are all prepared so now I can let my dreams of creations soar and grow.   I might not have the photos ready for next weeks blog,  but I will post soon.

In the meantime,  Here is a fun video showing some fun things to do with the Flower Market Cartridge.

Happy Crafting!




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