Scrap Cards – Not as scary as they sound.

I was talking with another crafter a few weeks ago,  and she mentioned that she has a hard time creating with out a pattern to follow.  She even shared that she can not visualize how a project might look using other papers not used in the sample.  This is foreign to me,  but I have since learned it’s real for many crafters.  (Who knew?)   This lead me to the conclusion that using up “scraps” would be nearly impossible with out having a jumping off point.    I will admit there are times that my muse is not flowing and creating scrap card after scrap card will deplete the little creativity I had.  But I know that I will not be sending 5 cards to the same person,  so I have no trouble doing the same (ish) pattern over and over again with the scraps I have laying around my craft table.

So,  without further ado,  here are some cards I created from scraps.  I share them with you now in the hopes you too can find inspiration to create and clean up your scraps at the same time.  🙂

Hope these cards give you some inspiration!

Happy Crafting!


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2 Responses to Scrap Cards – Not as scary as they sound.

  1. Cindy Butler says:

    These cards are adorable! You have taken scraps and made them beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    Because of your mentoring, I personally am getting much better at designing scrap cards. Using different papers is not near as much a problem as using up my scraps can be. Thanks for the ideas and … the fact we ARE allowed to just play!

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