Great Deals this month

You’ve probably already heard about the deal this month.  If you order one or both of the new roll up organizers,  markers or accessories,  you receive some free product.  In the case of the roll up accessories,  or embellishment organizer you receive two new base and bling style sheets.  With the maker organizer, you receive the Balloon Wishes stamp set.  I had heard some mixed reviews from consultants who had purchased them early (without taking advantage of the free deals),  but I didn’t want to bias myself,  so I stopped reading the reviews and waited until my arrived in the mail.   (Of course they arrived the afternoon after I left for a week with the kids to go to my Mom’s house.)

1508-cc-get-organized-accessory 1508-cc-get-organized-marker

Now that I am back home,  car is unloaded and club night is done,  I can tell you what I think about these organizers.   First,  they both have a hanging loop from one of the short ends.  I especially like this on the marker roll up.   The markers fit in well, not too tight,  not too loose,  you can see the colors easily.  I think all roll out on my craft table it would take up too much room,  but hanging from a hook off the front of my table,  or on the wall beside my table,  I will have easy access to them and be able to pack them quickly for any crops!  I really like it.

The accessories roll up also has some great features.  You can move the zippers to only open one compartment at a time,  or have all of them opened at once.  It holds lots,  easy to see what you have and again,  would be quick to pack.   All that wonderfulness being said,  for   everyday crafting it’s not my thing.  I can see me using it for workshops as I could write on the plastic part of each pocket how many they are suppose to take of each thing,  but for personal use,  I will stay with the method I have using the Large Organizers & photo holders bins.

Would love to hear what you think of the new roll up organizers.  (Wouldn’t be the first time someone has found a great use and I’ve kicked myself for not having enough of that item!)

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    I ordered the marker rollup for workshops and craft retreats. As for the other one, I was thinking it would be good for packing jewelry to take on vacation, or daily monies and or treats for children on vacation, or a place for punched out pieces from my cartridges. Sometimes, it’s nice to cut out extras, but they get lost, bent or mangled. This container system would contain said “bits” without destroying them. These suggestions are just off the top of my head, but I might come up with some more!

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