Pop Up Cards

At our Crafting Retreat a couple weekends ago, Erica taught us how to create a pop-up card.  I don’t have photos of the two I made yet, but here are some that other crazy crafters created.  (We used instructions from CardMagazine Winter 2014 with a few tips from Erica.)

Pat's PeterPan PU5 Pat's PeterPan PU4 Pat's PeterPan PU3 Pat's PeterPan PU2 Pat's PeterPan PU1 Pat's PeterPan PU Erica Popup Baby2 Erica Popup Baby Erica Popup2 Erica PopupI’ll get photos of my two and get them posted as well.

Happy Crafting Everyone.



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One Response to Pop Up Cards

  1. Cindy says:

    These cards are awesome! Way more than a card, really, they are a special treat for the lucky recipients.

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