Busy Weekend

And none of it involved crafting.  Unless you count the time I re-organized my Mom’s ink caddy for her.  Apparently when she tried loading it in the carrier to bring to Michigan the inks all fell out and she just shoved them back into slots.  She needed to be upgraded to the new colors from last year, so it was good timing.

The kids are now home after spending nine days with Grandma.  (Four of those days I was there too.)   With golf cart rides, water parks, indoor pool, zip line, ropes course, 700 acre lake with beaches,  at least 20 different playgrounds and eating diner out every night, they LOVE Grandma’s fun house.  Had to rough it with Mom’s homemade lasagna, garlic bread and tossed salad for supper tonight.

Got the trunk empty and much of the stuff put away,  but still need to catch up with laundry and truck bookwork.  I did however finish another book in a series I am reading, so I should be well rested to tackle some more tomorrow.

Wanted to put a post out and challenge myself to getting my other work done so I could do some of my crafting “work” this week.  Here is goes.  I want to have the fuel reports done and in the mail along with the billing and dispatch taken care of so I can use some more of the new paper and create some fun things to show you!  (I’m hoping by putting it in writing I’ll keep myself motivated.)

Happy crafting!

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