Fun Day with Mom and the kids.

Started the day at my Mom’s. (Grandma’s fun house according to the kids.)  Eggs, toast, and peaches made up breakfast.  We then spend 3 hours at a family fun carnival in the park.  The kids played LOTS of little games and we all got our faces painted.  This was a first for Grandma!  She got a pink and purple butterfly, I got a blue butterfly, the girl choose a cupcake and the boy wanted to be a pirate!  I will post a photo after Grandma emails them to me.

I was supposed to be driving home tonight to get on a tractor tomorrow morning, but the forecast is calling for rain, so I will stay and help out with the kids a little longer.  Oh, darn!

After the carnival games and a quick snack we went the tents with the petting zoo and the pony rides.  Only $1 a ride and the kids LOVED it.  As I was thinking my trip was going to be much shorter, I didn’t come prepared with a camera, so I used the girls I-pod, and have to wait for her to email those photos too!

I should have some great scrapbooking pages just from our morning activites.

We returned to Grandma’s and took a water play break.  The kids had each picked a water “gun” as part of their prizes so they changed into swim gear and sprayed each other.  I decided since we had the water out, I would put my suit on and scrubbed my Mom’s outdoor table and chairs.  They cleaned up really well.  Still have another small table, but was pleased with my progress.

Once the table was done it was time to head to the zip line for the girl, then to the water park for all of us.  Now that we’re back, Grandma is getting ready for Bingo and the kids and I are going to do some grocery shopping and take advantage of having a KFC only 10 minutes away from us.  Grandma is one of the callers for Bingo, if she didn’t have a job I think she would prefer to join us for dinner.  We’ll bring her some back for later.

I will get some photos up soon.

Happy crafting.

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