Wrapping up Library Auction Pages

Well,  I think this will be the last post of library auction pages.  When I started this project I thought it would be a great fun, which it was, but I also was looking forward to some easy blog posts showing off my work.  That last part didn’t work out so well.   If you want to see all the pages in one spot, go to http://www.craftingwithamanda.com/rudyard-2/






The classic school themed pages aren’t there, but all the black & Orange pages are there.

Here is a layout that was created from the negative space when I cut the shape for “Shining Moments.”  The opening is the perfect size for a wallet photo.  This is a great page for a quick glance back over all the years.

SchSPLeft SchSPRight

I will be working on finishing the Scholastic paper layouts and the new workshops on the go.  I will also try and take photos and post the club night project.  (In case you can’t come and play with us!)

Happy Crafting.

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