Fun, Fast, Fall Project – Wine Glass Shade

I really enjoy the ambiance of candlelight.  For whatever the reason, I relax and slow down.

In the summer, especially up  here in the north where it stays light so much longer, candles just don’t work well.   We’ve had such a cool summer that it has felt like October weather.  I’m starting to think of hot soup simmering on the stove, candles lit around the living room and a good book, all while I’m wrapped in an afghan.

wineshade-schoolWhere is this leading you may ask?  Each year I look forward to pulling out my wine glass candle shades, and  I typically make one or two new shades each fall.  As I was on a tractor this afternoon I started planning my fall design and decided that I would share my pattern and instructions with my blog followers.

If you have the Art Philosophy cartridge, you will have an easy time putting these together.

I scored a whole box of wine glasses at a flea market for $3, so I’ve been creating many of these for hostess gifts, thank you, or just because.  Like I said quick and easy.

One tip if you stamp on your vellum and emboss it, it is better to go slow and take a little longer to “melt” the embossing powder than to burn the vellum and have to cut it all over again.  (Not that I have ever done that!)

Here are the written instructions as well as the printable cut out pattern if you don’t have a cricut. Happy Crafting!


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  1. Cindy says:

    Cute! I love how you can change out the shade for the season/holiday.

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