Calendar of Events – Sept & Oct

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know about you, but as a visual learner I like seeing dates visually, so I have put together the calendar with my upcoming events and workshops.  Click on the calendar to see.Sept 2013 Calendar

Sept 3rd – Order deadline for Laughing Lola

Sept 12th – Workshop – Laughing Lola

Sept 16th – Order deadline for ProPlayer

Sept 19th – Free Crop and Club Night

Sept 26th – Workshop – ProPlayer

Oct 2013 CalendarOct 1st – Order deadline Sarita Workshop

Oct 10th – Workshop – Sarita

Oct 15th Holiday Gift Guide

Oct 17th – Free Crop and Club Night

Oct 18th-20th – Weekend Crop – Cedarville

You might want to bookmark this particular blog so you can keep on top of these dates for the next couple of months.

Happy Crafting!


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