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Dream Pop Paper pack winner

So excited to announce my first contest winner!

dreampopnamelistHere’s my list of all the entries.  I knew with being busy on a tractor I needed to stay on top of the entries as they were earned.  dreampoprandomgenerator

Today I got to generate the random winner and here is the number it picked!


Shelly Kinnear


Thanks for everyone who entered.  I’m sure I’ll be doing another one soon!

Happy Crafting!

I’m still here

I’m still here, just trying to make hay.  This requires me to be on a tractor, and although the technology is there, it would be very difficult to update a blog while baling hay!

I thought I would share some older scrapbook layouts as inspiration to us. (And to re-visit some of the old techniques and embellishments I use to love and use all the time!)frenchi 1a

This outfit was one of my Mom’s favorites on our daughter.  Funny to think in a few short days my “little baby girl” will be 12!  yikes.  When did that happen?   Looking at this layout shows me how far I’ve coming in scrapbooking and paper crafting in general.

frenchi 1


I remember trying and taking the photos in this next layout for our Christmas cards.  It turned out I needed to wait until my husband could help as the girl and I just couldn’t work it out on our own.  I was so excited to be random stamp my background as I got to use so many of my new cool toys!

Christmas 1a Christmas 1

autumn day

I was so proud of this last page.  I remember how exited I was tearing the paper for the “Falling leaves” and wadding it up to make the leaves look more life like.  It’s funny to look back!  Did you notice the “negative” leaves at the top.  I struggled with how to use those.  The punch set was one my Mom got me for my birthday.  It had the snowflake from the red and black LO as well as the small leaf in “Autumn Day.”    I still use that set from time to time.  It’s funny looking back at these pages and experiencing all the joys I remember when I created them!  What do your old pages bring to mind?

Happy Crafting!

Fun, Fast, Fall Project – Wine Glass Shade

I really enjoy the ambiance of candlelight.  For whatever the reason, I relax and slow down.

In the summer, especially up  here in the north where it stays light so much longer, candles just don’t work well.   We’ve had such a cool summer that it has felt like October weather.  I’m starting to think of hot soup simmering on the stove, candles lit around the living room and a good book, all while I’m wrapped in an afghan.

wineshade-schoolWhere is this leading you may ask?  Each year I look forward to pulling out my wine glass candle shades, and  I typically make one or two new shades each fall.  As I was on a tractor this afternoon I started planning my fall design and decided that I would share my pattern and instructions with my blog followers.

If you have the Art Philosophy cartridge, you will have an easy time putting these together.

I scored a whole box of wine glasses at a flea market for $3, so I’ve been creating many of these for hostess gifts, thank you, or just because.  Like I said quick and easy.

One tip if you stamp on your vellum and emboss it, it is better to go slow and take a little longer to “melt” the embossing powder than to burn the vellum and have to cut it all over again.  (Not that I have ever done that!)

Here are the written instructions as well as the printable cut out pattern if you don’t have a cricut. Happy Crafting!


Calendar of Events – Sept & Oct

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know about you, but as a visual learner I like seeing dates visually, so I have put together the calendar with my upcoming events and workshops.  Click on the calendar to see.Sept 2013 Calendar

Sept 3rd – Order deadline for Laughing Lola

Sept 12th – Workshop – Laughing Lola

Sept 16th – Order deadline for ProPlayer

Sept 19th – Free Crop and Club Night

Sept 26th – Workshop – ProPlayer

Oct 2013 CalendarOct 1st – Order deadline Sarita Workshop

Oct 10th – Workshop – Sarita

Oct 15th Holiday Gift Guide

Oct 17th – Free Crop and Club Night

Oct 18th-20th – Weekend Crop – Cedarville

You might want to bookmark this particular blog so you can keep on top of these dates for the next couple of months.

Happy Crafting!


Third Laughing Lola Layout, Finally

Well,  here it is the last of the Laughing Lola LOs.  These photos are from our wedding reception almost 18 years ago.  I didn’t start scrapbooking until 2007 and as I mentioned in an earlier blog I am running out of printed photos so I’m being forced to use the older ones.



(It’s probably a good thing really!)



I used an overlay from Artbooking on the far left and also used the “together” banner for my title. The overlay was cut at 16″ (no real dial size) and ended up being approximatelyl 5.25″ x 11.25″) and the banner was cut at 11″, again, real dial size off.  I didn’t have journaling per say for this layout as I have TONS of photos from the reception, but I didn’t want to lose the names over time.   I punched out file folder tabs and cut them in half.  I wrote the names of the attendees on the tabs and placed them next to the photos.  Journaling, done.

dryembo2adryembo1aIt took several tries to get the correct size for the overlay, so I had many oval “petal” shaped pieces lying around my craft table.  Being the creative maven that I am, I thought, I’ll make a flower, so I did.  I first embossed  all the petals using the rub on tool.


dryembo3aI then attached them to one of the diamond shaped pieces from the overlay.  I would attach them like a compass (one at north, then south, then east, followed by west).  Once I had those one, I would attach more in between each of those and continued to attach petals in this fashion until I had a full flower.


I had a flower from the dimensional elements that was just the right size.  Popped it in the middle and then had to figure out where to place it on my page.

This layout challenged me for some reason.  I tried many different embellishments and layouts until I was happy this the results.  (Having too many, yes, shocking I know, I have too many embellishments, anyhow having too many embellishments can sometimes hamper my creative juices.  Too many choices and all.)

LLLo3bothThis layout stayed on my crafting table for 3 full days until I ended up with this.  I have done other pages for our wedding album, and they all have pearls, so I think I will incorporate pearls as my thread to continuity in my album.  I might post some of the those pages later.

Wanted to remind you about the Be and Alpha contest and my paper giveaway.  Be sure to enter to win both of these!


Happy Crafting!