I did it, my first edited video!

It’s not pretty, but I learned a lot and am hopeful that the next one will be better! Lighting, camera set up and jumps in video editing add to the charm of this first Craft with Heart video!

I choose to assemble the first two cards from the May-August Craft with Heart Card Subscription box. I am breaking the rules and doing my own spin on them, but a wise lady once told me coming up with a good idea is hard, improving upon a good idea is easier. So I just improved upon the great foundation CTMH gave me.

Here are my versions of cards #1 & #2. Hopefully, I’ll have more, with better videos soon!

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2 Responses to I did it, my first edited video!

  1. Cindy Butler says:

    Congratulations on your first video! Well done! Your special touches make these cards really stand out.

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