Library Auction Scrapbook pages – Introduction

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Our local library is located in our school and serves as both a community and a school library.  Every year that I’ve lived here, they’ve held a silent auction to raise money for the library.  In the past I’ve participated by donated a decorated tree (won an unexpected prize for that) and homemade cards.  Some of the items donated have included homemade canned goods, craft items, gift certificates for local businesses, quilts and a variety of knick knacks.  I have felt nudged to do something, so this fall when CTMH put the Spellbound papers on sale I decided to do a scrapbook.  Our school’s colors are Orange and Black, so this seemed like a great fit.

Now that you know the history, here is a look at some of the pages.  Many of these pages were created from the workshops for the current papers.  I would do my sample pages, but on the day of the workshop when we would walk through cutting all the pages, I would use Spellbound papers and cut for this scrapbook.  I’ve enjoyed this project so much, I’ve started another one with the retired Scholastic papers for personal use.  There are a few pages that are unique to each book, and the Scholastic layouts aren’t all finished.  I just cut 3 more layouts at the Huntington Workshop this week.   (And yes, I will post the Huntington Layouts soon.)

The covers are very similar and are actually  the “negative” cuts from another layout.  They were cut using the Artbooking Cartridge.

Cover SchCoverI rotated the “calendar” counterclockwise and provided capital  & lowercase letters so the students name can be listed in the rectangle on the left.  On the words-lettersSpellbound pages, the  white cs represents where a photo would go.  The instructions that will go with the book will explain that.  As I am good with photo editing, I left a spot for an odd size (4.5 x 6.5) photo to go on the crème brulee mat.  Here’s a peak at the letters and words that I am including with the scrapbook “kit.”

I’ve also included some extra “journaling” pages incase they need more or make a mistake.

Now you’ll see the “Calendar” page that I paired with the “first day” page.  We have many students that ride the bus, so I included many spaces for photos.

FDLeft FDRight


By matting my “calendar” frame on white daisy it helped it pop.  I haven’t done this page from the scholastic papers yet, but I’m thinking I’ll stamp school images in the squares.  Maybe even sneak in a photo or two.


These two layouts are from the same Make It From Your Heart Layout, but with the different colors and the use of Kraft paper as a background, I think it’s hard to see it right away.  I added hand drawn lines around all the different pieces on the scholastic layouts.  Gives it a hand stitched feel.  Love the durable studs!

More pages to come.  Happy Crafting!


SchHTLeft SchHTRight



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2 Responses to Library Auction Scrapbook pages – Introduction

  1. Cindy says:

    This scrapbook is amazing! I can just picture it filled with photos of a Rudyard student. Some lucky (or maybe I should say skilled) bidder will surely have a great prize to bring home.

  2. Erica says:

    Love it …wish I had more time to get projects like this done. Not for lack of trying !

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