Quick Scrapbook layout

For today’s offering,  I give you one of the pattern’s from an older CTMH scrapbook layout book, Cherish.  These books have really helped me jumpstart my creativity and crank out some layouts.  If you haven’t tried any of Jeannett Lynton’s how to books,  you can see them here.

I rotated the pages and tilted the photos to make it speak more to me.   How will you make it your own.

Here’s the video where I walk through cutting out the pieces for this layout,  and assemble it.

Would love to see what you create.

Happy Crafting!

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2 Responses to Quick Scrapbook layout

  1. Cindy Butler says:

    Jeanette Lynton’s books are a great resource for me as well. Can’t say enough for how easy they are to use, how much is packed into each book and how inspirational they are when it comes to sparking creativity.

  2. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    When first starting out in paper crafting, these books intimidated me. Once I learned how to read a pattern and to fill in with a variety of paper packs, it was like somebody opened a magic door. These books are my go to staple and I get very anxious if anyone asks to borrow them. I recommend these books for anyone who wants clear guidance.

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