Happy Birthday to my good Friend


This is the front when it is opened.  I used the old Key to my Heart paper pack as it’s one of her favorites.

Here are a couple other views.popuprectangleside1Love the little envelope on the side.  The flowers are removable if she wants to use them for another project.

You can see the “message” on the back of the card.  You could make this many different ways.popuprectangleside

I thought later that I might like to round the points from each of the flaps, and maybe I’ll do that on the next one when I figure out dimensions for you.

Happy Crafting!



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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to my good Friend

  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    Amazing! Looks great, colorful, delightful and wonderful. You are inspiring me to try this technique again.

    • CraftyAmanda says:

      I was able to borrow the card back from my friend and I know have the correct dimensions and will be posting a blog with them. Thanks for the kind words.

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