Folding Fun Begins now.

In September I decided that our club night group needed something different.  We have mastered the creative insider guide card kits, know lots of different techniques and our scrapbooks are continuing to grow in pages.  What to do,  what to do?   Fun Folds to expand our card variety!

First up.  Joy fold.

(Found this sample on Google.  There wasn’t any information from where it originated.)

Love this card.   You can trade it up by making the “mini card” that folds on top different shapes.  Hearts, Starts, tree, oval. . .   Sky is the limit.

Sorry that I don’t have any photos of my samples at this time,  but as I’ve been running with my hair on fire I thought I would post now,  and let you do some playing.   Soon I will make some crafting time and put together some samples and update the post.

Ready to create your own Joy Fold card?   Here’s the instructions.

Start with standard base (5.5 x 8.5)

Fold in half

Cut 2″ off front of the card (2 x 5.5)

Cut mini card base 4.25 x 5.5 and fold in half

Decorating tips:

If you are going to put paper on the inside of the big card base, put it on BEFORE attaching the mini card base. It’s also easier to decorate the mini card before attaching to the big card base.

No embellishments should extend past the fold on the mini card or it will be difficult to open the card and see the inside.

Some of the colors from the folds might show through, especially on the inside. If you want, ink the edges before you attach any papers.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    This is a fun card, which also uses up scraps very nicely. It is destined to be one of my “go to” patterns.

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