Scraps that were just lying around the studio

For the past several months paper scraps have been gathering from club night, quick cards,  and left overs from the teenager’s school projects.   In an effort to find my craft table again,  I started to glue the pieces on to card bases.  Not with much rhyme or reason,  but with the goal of clean crafting space.  Here are some (most) of the results.scraps04 scraps03 scraps02 scraps05 scraps01

As you can see I love embedded embossing.   Next set:scraps09 scraps08 scraps14 scraps17 scraps13 scraps23The next group was paper that was given to me at a crop weekend.   Paired it with some of the aluminum grain bin paint embellishments and black cardstock.   scraps20 scraps16 scraps22 scraps21 scraps15 scraps12 scraps24 scraps25 scraps18 scraps19Happy Crafting!



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2 Responses to Scraps that were just lying around the studio

  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    You are a master with embedded embossing. When you glued the papers down, did you take the time to make butterflies (ie) at the same time, or were they added when inspiration came? I have a hard time keeping bits & pieces and coordinating embellishments contained and unwrinkled, so to speak. Maybe my process needs one container of “in progress” items. That just might be helpful, (she said sarcastically).

  2. Cindy says:

    I just might have to consider getting myself an embossing machine because these cards are so very interesting to the eye. Curious what the silver embossed paper is on the cards with the purple honeycomb paper…I love it.

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