Finally able to use my laptop

I am currently in recover/healing mode from a surgery I had in November.  Yesterday was the first day I got to use my computer.  yay!   It felt so good to have a full keyboard at my fingertips.   During my recovery I was able to create a birthday gift for my friend.  I will post photos of it soon,  but as she is at her Mom’s helping with a knee replacement healing,  I don’t want her to see it here before she sees it in person.  (it is so much better in person!)

In the mean time,  I’ve been able to pull all my cards that I’ve created from scraps,  and sort them into categories.  (blank, thinking of you, sympathy, birthday etc. . .)  My plan is to pull from each of these piles and create a collection of cards to give as Christmas gifts.  Do you know what 500+ cards looks like?   something like this.

IMG_20151201_101520 IMG_20151201_101507 IMG_20151201_101451 IMG_20151201_101437 IMG_20151201_101418

Next step?   Create/decorate some boxes and fill with cards.   I think I might make a list of recipients too.  Perhaps a couple “extra” bundles will be created to have on hand for last minute gifts.

Better get back to work!

Happy Crafting.


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2 Responses to Finally able to use my laptop

  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    Wow!!!! Impressively amazing! As for those “extra” bundles, they would be great as last minute gifts or wedding shower gifts next year or thinking of you gifts, or ……… sure, you could send some to me too!!!! Actually, I am inspired to start on a stack myself. There are certainly enough scraps in my house to do that with.

    • Amanda says:

      I highly recommend using a workshop guide and cut several cards at once, then choose your theme , ie birthday, thinking of you, thanks, friendship. Once you have your theme, stamp several the same. You won’t be sending all the cards to one person, so you can make several cards that look similar.

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