More “Scrap” Cards

After Nine years with CTMH,  I’ve accumulated a LOT of left over bulk papers and club night project partial kits and such.  I have also received gifts from friends and family of non-CTMH product.  (Shocking I know!)  So,  in my “de-clutter life” campaign,  I’ve decided to use these papers and embellishments.

I will try to indicate which paper I’ve used.   I had taken a photo of my craft table with a pile of scraps,  but then my teenage daughter started a planner and added to my pile so it’s actually bigger now than when I started.

I’ll start with a OSW (one sheet wonder) project that I started.  Like I said earlier,  I have TONS of extra bulk paper,  and instead of using one pattern paper and adding cardstock,  I paired multiple paper packs.

DSC_0023 DSC_0021 DSC_0018

Avonlea and Florentine combined beautifully in these cards.  I used a pattern I found on Pinterest.  Unfortunately  it didn’t pin correctly so I don’t have it anymore  🙁
Here are two more sets of One Sheet wonder cards from 6×6 papers.  I used Bulk Roxie for both sets and then Seaside in one and Balloon Ride in the other.  I also found a pack of die cut flowers that I used to embellish them.

OWS-B&T_Scraps_Cards1 OWS-B&T_Scraps_Cards2 OWS-B&T_Scraps_Cards3

Now these next cards are truly just using up bits and pieces that were in SEVERAL locations around my studio.  Some were from name tags I made for my April Crop weekend and others are from a weekend crop I attended 2 years ago!  Yikes.

B&T_scraps_cards B&T_Scraps_cards2If some of the cards were similar I stacked them inside each other for the photos.  I think I have 44 cards that have been created from scraps and “old” paper and embellishments.  (All during haying too!)    I know I’ll have more.  This has been a great wind down in the evenings for me.

Happy Crafting


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4 Responses to More “Scrap” Cards

  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    Dear MCM, I capitulate! Seriously, you ARE the Master Card Maker and I am just a lowly apprentice. However, next week I will be following your example and making cards by the bushel. The only problem is, my technology smarts aren’t good enough to photograph and post the results. You’ll have to see them in person, even if I personally bring them to your personage. Smile!!!!!!!!

    • CraftyAmanda says:

      You made my day. Thank you. I would love to have photos of your card creations and would happily capture them on my camera. (I am always looking for ideas.). Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. Cindy Butler says:

    What a nice assortment of cards to have at the ready!

  3. Jan Bickel says:

    I’m seriously impressed by the output of cards and all from scraps!! Win! Win!

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