Life Took off, and boy what a journey

As I finished updating the information for May on this website, I knew I had not posted any blogs for a while. I did not know I had not posted for a whole month! Oops.

Unforeseen circumstances aside, I will do better this month.

For today, I will share this video CTMH put together showing how to make a beautiful wall hanging using their Flower Market Cartridge.


I wouldn’t have thought of doing this,  but I can see endless possibilities.

Happy Crafting!

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One Response to Life Took off, and boy what a journey

  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    Doing this project would never have dawned on me. Thanks for expanding my horizons and creative possibilities. Hmmmm, maybe my thinking got stuck in a box this past winter. Time to open my mind up again and live by the concept that there are no boxes!

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