It’s time to begin using your 2017 planner.

Don’t you just love new things?  I do.   I sometimes get bogged down in silliness and don’t want to use up something new as then I won’t have it anymore.   I am beginning to realize that if I don’t use new stuff,  I am losing out on some “joy” moments in my life.  So,   I am cracking open my new pages for 2017 planning and recording our family activities.  Good, bad, ugly.  Hopefully there will be more ups than downs!

As I was writing this post,  I realized my plate is pretty full today and I was thinking I won’t have any time to start this,  I’ll do it tomorrow.    I put the brakes on those thoughts and began going over my plans.   I will have a full 30 minutes while I wait for my daughter to be done with an appointment she has.   Guess what?!?  That means if I take about 2 minutes now and pull out some fun colored pencils, which I got for Christmas, bag up some washi tape and a few other small supplies,  I can begin to mark up my planner and start recording our events for 2017.  Yay.  If I am remembering correctly,  I will even pull out a dedicated planner bag and put all my supplies in there and can have it all together for future out of the house down times.  (Which happen from time to time with kids!)

In the meantime as I open all the bills and mail from holiday back up,  I think I will watch this video and see if It gives me more inspiration on my new 2017 journal endeavor.  If you don’t have a 2017 planner yet,  you can find what  I’ll be using here.

Happy Crafting.

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3 Responses to It’s time to begin using your 2017 planner.

  1. Pam Markstrom says:

    There are some very fun ideas for a planner/journal. I never would’ve thought to stamp.

  2. CraftyAmanda says:

    That’s what I thought too. Makes me want to have waiting in the car time now! Putting together my embellishing tools for my planner so I can update when I wait for kids after school!

  3. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    How simply brilliant … a dedicated planner book with minimal supplies is a simple thing, and totally brilliant! This is why we have you, to open up our world in creative but common sense ways. Thanks for the tip!

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