Who doesn’t love to win something?

tag_liquidglass_samp Not me.  **I am starting a series of blog posts around a technique tag book that my club night gals and I made over the last year.   We did four techniques each month over nine months. 4 x 9 = 36 techniques right? Wrong.  I duplicated one of the techniques, so one month we only did three new ones.   What does all of this have to do with winning?   You can win all 35 of the new technique tags that I am making just for this contest!  Over the next several weeks, I will be posting a couple of techniques each day.

Now you might want to know how you can earn chances to win this great prize.   There are several ways.  Write a comment on this post.  (1 entry)   Share this post link on your Facebook post and let me know on my FB page that’s you’ve done it.  (1 entry per share)(https://www.facebook.com/CraftingWithAmanda).  Like my FB page.  (3 entries)  If your a pinterest person, for every technique tag you pin, you receive an entry.  (up to 35!)    At the end of the contest I will assign each entry a number and using a random number generator will pick a winner.  I will announce the winner on this blog, and then contact them to get the address where the tag book should be sent.

I will be showing photos of the technique samples tags that I made for the club night gals, AND the brand new tags using Seaside papers & Skylark.  With no further ado. . .

Technique #1

tag_tearroll_insCardstock paper Tearing & Rolling:

This is a great technique to add interest to your project without adding bulk.   If your cardstock is white core, (like CTMH)  you  can also add contrast or help direct your focus to your photos or other focal point.

In my example I rolled the edges on one of my samples to help bring the focus to the flowers.  On the beach image I used the torn edge to help balance the white of the image and help draw your eye to it.

tag_tearroll_sampHere are the stamp sets I’ve used in this example, and many of the other tags that we will be looking at in the upcoming posts:

C1605 Happy to Be Friends

D1632 Amour

I also used Seaside papers (X7192B)

Our awesome markers were also put to use throughout this process of creating the technique tags.

tagclub_tearroll  This is the sample from our club night.  Notice on this one I rolled all the edges of the framed image.  I also showcased the tearing techniques for showing the white core (top)  and not showing (bottom) of the cardstock running diagonal.  It can be varied depending upon which way you tear the paper.  (towards you or away from you.)

So.  Remember to comment on this post, share on FB, and pin the tag to Pinterest to earn entries into this contest.  You can share your pinterest shares with me on the FB page.

If you would like a copy of my technique instructions file,  leave a comment with your email and I will send it to you.

** – This series was started over a year ago,  but never finished.  I am reposting all of them over the next few weeks with the last ones that were never completed and will go back and collect the entries from the beginning and now.

Happy Crafting and Good Luck!



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6 Responses to Who doesn’t love to win something?

  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    What fun, and what a great idea. I personally refer to the very first set of technique cards made at workshops with you. It’s amazing how we “forget” how many techniques we have learned or just how vast the variety is. Count me in!

  2. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    Just looked this over again. Am I allowed to say I had forgotten about paper rolling? The small image looks good framed with this technique. It’s a subtle way to focus the eye.

    • CraftyAmanda says:

      I forget so many little techniques unless I try and incorporate them into my work. By creating a tag book of techniques, I can remember to use them, and not have to do all of them all the time.

  3. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    In the process of moving my studio space and setting up in a totally different space, many things got misplaced. However, my technique pages/tags/reference have been rediscovered and hung back up front and center. These are the very best items to refer back to and refresh my memory, plus put a different spin on a card or scrapbook page.

  4. Cindy says:

    I love having the collection of technique tags. It’s a great tool to pull out when I am “stuck” and need inspiration.

  5. Jackie Whitmarsh says:

    Always love to learn new techniques! Thanks for all you do to ‘enable’ us crafters.

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