De-cluttering House – the forever task

“De-cluttering House – the forever task” sounds more menacing than it really is.  It just takes time and I sometimes find it takes mental strength as there are so many, many decisions along the way.   I just realized that I haven’t put a post up in over a month and when I stepped back to figure out why that was,  it’s because it’s fall,  I’m in the process of cleaning out one of our Pandora’s closest and this is a busy time of the year with craft shows, crops and family.

Just so you don’t think I’ve forgotten you,  I’m going to share this month’s special and the pattern for creating some great (& fast) scrapbook pages.


Experience the beautiful Simply Fundamental Scrapbooking workshop—available only during November! This workshop has been created using all the items featured in our campaign exclusive My Legacy™ album bundles, available during November for $71.80 USD / $85.25 CAD each! When you purchase the album bundle, you will also qualify to receive a value pack of side load or top load Memory Protectors™ FREE—a savings of $19.95 USD / $23.75 CAD! Along with the album style and design of your choice, each bundle includes one Paper Fundamentals Enchantment pack, one Fundamental stickers Enchantment pack, one Peacock Fundamental assortment, and three sheets of White Daisy cardstock. You will then be set to turn these beautiful products into fabulous layouts using the new Simply Fundamental Scrapbooking workshop featuring five layouts you can make using all the supplies in your bundle.

Pretty Cool huh?

I will suggest that you cut 2 papers at once and get double the layouts.  You can use old paper packs or new.  great way to get some crafting in without having to make so many decisions and taking a lot of time.

fundamental-scrapbooking – Download and print this file to create this great Fundamentals workshop!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Lorna Hauswirth says:

    Obviously, I need to look over my wish list for this month and see if some room can be made for this offer. Meanwhile, my focus has been finishing up projects. It’s a slow process, but very rewarding. Besides which, that means there is now more room for new purchases!

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