Third Thursday = All day crop and club night

Well it’s the third Thursday of the month, so today is a crafting with my friends day.  Yay!

I was trying to update my cricut gypsy last night so I could add the new artbooking cartridge, but it didn’t want to cooperate.  This morning when the storms woke me, I do love a good lighting show, I got up to try again. Still no luck.  I think I’ll need to reboot my computer and give it one more try!

While the computer and gypsy were not communicating well last night I started gathering my goodies that I need to take today.  As I am not providing the project for tonight, a first, I should be able to travel rather light!  I still have several cards to put together from the May weekend and I might grab one of the new paper packs and start my workshop on the go sample pages.

First some coffee, then I am going to have a chat with my computer and gypsy and see if I can mediate their problem!

Have a great day.

Update:  So far the reboot of the computer and gypsy have allowed them to start talking once again.  It’s uploaded all the support updates (12) and now is on to the image content.  I guess I can finish packing up my projects and make some breakfast.  I’ll post a photo of what I got accomplished later today or tomorrow.

lemonsignHers it is.  This was our project for the evening.  First time ever we did a non Close to my Heart project.  It was a lot of fun.  Shelly let us pre-order our vinyl sayings then she brought the boards, paints and sayings so we could create our boards.  It was so much fun many of us made more than one board.  I made four!  We go through a lot of homemade lemonade in our house, and I thought this would be a great addition to one of our kitchen walls.

I didn’t get a photo of the fourth sign as I took it to my Mom’s the next morning when LiveSimpsignI took the kids to her house, but here are the other two signs I made.  The green one is for my office/studio space and the other might be a gift so don’t tell anyone.  <grin> Todaysmemsign


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